If you only follow one tipster, it should be Rob

I have followed Rob since he started on twitter and can honestly say it is one of the best gambling choices I’ve made. Not only have I made plenty of money from his well researched tips, but also now have more focus and strategy to my gambling from his informative articles (such as on bankroll … Read more

Fantastic service to be a part of

Fantastic service to be a part of. Third party tracked record. Constantly beats the closing line. Customer service is on point. Superb breakdowns. I really have learned a lot from Rob. If you’re looking to grow your bankroll over the long term then his service is a no brainer.

The cost is well worth the quality of service that he provides

I have been very impressed with how well Rob smashes the closing lines consistently. Rob seems to know exactly when to enter the market regardless if he is playing dogs or favorites. I also love that Rob is 3rd party tracked and wins year after year. He doesn’t force action if a UFC event doesn’t … Read more

Incredible value, professionally delivered

Incredible value, professionally delivered. I urge no hesitation in signing up to this service. Long term there really are no doubts. All the while Rob offers this service I will be on board the ship.

Rob is THE best handicapper I’ve worked with

Rob is THE best handicapper I’ve worked with. He’s not only a consistent winner, but he also gives great breakdowns and is a very helpful tipper for personal bets. I’ve won a lot of money following his premium bets and also through his betting advice. Rob is always accessible, great to work with, and has … Read more

Consistent results

Been following Rob for over 2 years. Consistent results, always replies to any questions and no guesswork on what bets he posts. Would recommend.

You finally made me a profitable sports bettor

Thank you for the amount of work you put in to your service. I’ve been an MMA fan for many years and the sports betting world has been lacking the type of service you provide. It’s not just your track record of picks, I personally enjoy the sport so the breakdowns you provide are priceless. … Read more