I now have a Discord for those wanting to make money from live betting MMA and boxing. The bets are given via audio commentary as well as via text in the chat during the fights.


Current Membership Fees

1 Month – $49.99

3 Months – $99.99

1 Year – $299.99


If you’d like to join or have any questions, contact me via email at info@RobBrownBetting.com or via Twitter @RobBrownBetting.


How It Works


Currently, live betting is a goldmine for MMA and boxing. Since the odds are often based on either questionable live traders or biased commentary, there are opportunities that present crazy good value regularly.


Consider how often upsets happen that were impossible to predict prefight, due to factors such as; limited tape/info, injuries, fighters getting hurt or most commonly, simply just running out of gas. Occurrences like this happen a lot and they cause massive swings in odds, which can be taken advantage of to cash in.


All you need is access to a bookmaker that offers live betting and to be available to place a bet on your phone or other device in-between rounds, that’s it. Most members listen to my audio commentary to sweat bets together and discuss fights, but some members just follow the bets via text.


Some examples of bookmakers that offer live betting are: BetOnline, bet365, betDSI, 5Dimes, Bovada, Betway, Paddy Power, PokerStars and much more. No matter where you’re located, there should be one available to you but if you’re not sure just contact me.


I’m now 5/5 on winning years on my prefight bets, proving my expertise and edge. Join now and gain another yearly income!