I now have a private group on Discord (app is available on any device) for people wanting to make money from live betting. The bets are given via audio commentary as well as via text in the chat during the fights.


Current Membership Fees

1 Month – $39.99

1 Year – $199.99


To join, send payment to robbrownmma@gmail.com via PayPal and you will be sent an invite link. If you would like a custom package or have any questions, contact me at info@RobBrownBetting.com and I’ll be happy to help


Why Join?


Live betting is the easiest way to make money betting on MMA and boxing. Since the odds are based on often incompetent live traders and biased commentary, there are opportunities that present great value regularly.


Consider how often huge upsets happen that were impossible to predict pre-fight, due to factors such as limited tape as well as injuries, fighters getting hurt with a strike or just gassing out. Occurrences like this happen a lot and they cause massive swings in odds, which can be taken advantage of to cash in.


The membership fee is currently very low, meaning even if you miss some bets you will make the fee back and profit easily over the long term, even if you have a small bankroll.


Once a certain amount of people have joined, the group will be capped and fees will rise to minimize line movement, so the sooner you join the better.


I’m about to hit 5-0 on years on my pre bets, and I’m excited to make members even more money with another income stream!