How to Make Money Betting on MMA


1) Set aside a betting bankroll

A bankroll is money that you can set aside and invest for betting purposes only. Please only invest an amount you can afford.


2) Follow our Premium Betting Tips

We have never had a losing year since our premium bets started to be publicly tracked in 2016. All of our Betting Tips are thoroughly researched and we will only ever recommend a bet we strongly feel is +EV based on the footage and information available.

Think of sports betting like the stock market; It will have ups and downs but if you keep putting your money in good positions it will go up over time. You have to stay the course to have long term success.



3) Stick to our Staking Plan

It’s crucial that you stick to our staking plan. Anything can happen in sports and our staking plan has been refined to protect us from variance, whilst at the same time allowing our bankroll to grow as we win using solid risk management strategies. It requires patience and discipline, but is the only legitimate way to win long term and make an income from betting.



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