Have a question that isn’t in the FAQ? Feel free to contact me here and I’ll be happy to help.

Who are you? What do you do?

I am a pro sports bettor & handicapper specializing in MMA & boxing. I run the most proven combat sports betting service on the Internet, RBB Premium, which has produced profitable, third-party tracked results on sports betting markets for over 5 years.

All of my picks are strictly analytically & statistically based, consistently beat the closing line, and I will only ever recommend a pick I strongly feel is +EV based on the footage and information available.


How are picks sent out?

Picks are posted in the Members Area and alerts are sent to members via email and Discord when a new pick is added.


What type of picks do you send out?

Most handicappers and betting services pad their record with picks on lines that are either not widely available or have low limits. Meaning even if it looks like they’re profitable, their stats are inflated and you can’t actually make much money tailing them before being limited/banned.

At RBB Premium you will only ever get sent a pick when limits are lifted and you can get real money down. Don’t expect any low limit props or -EV parlays from me. My service is for serious investors looking to make educated decisions in the markets and win long term. Not casual gamblers who don’t mind throwing darts while blindfolded and donating their hard earned cash to the bookies!


How do I know you’re the real deal?

The MMA betting community is lucky because we have the most reputable third-party handicapper tracking site you can find online, betMMA.tips. On this site you have to enter your picks before an event starts. The second the event starts, your bets are locked and the results of them are graded for you.

This means it’s impossible for me to fake my record or delete losses like most scam handicappers and betting services. Especially those in other sports as they can get easily get away with it. Thanks to third-party tracking in our sport and the hundreds of clients tracking my picks over the years, you can rest assured that you’re getting 100% transparency from me and always will.


How/where can I bet?

It’s up to the client to find a bookmaker and make their own bets.  I don’t provide bookmaking services and don’t take any bets. No matter where you’re located there are an abundance of online options that are easy to sign up for and use. If you’re not sure just contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction.


What is your staking plan like?

I follow a simple 1-5 unit system suited for realistic, long term bankroll growth, with 1 unit being 1% of bankroll.