UFC Louisville Betting Recap

Third-party tracked betting recap for UFC Louisville, June 8th 2024.





Thoughts on the fight:

Round 1: 10-9 Cannonier. Good pressure, more strikes landed, a takedown and 2 mins of control.

Round 2: 10-9 Imavov. Landed much more strikes despite being controlled in the clinch for 2 mins.

Round 3: 10-9 Cannonier. Close, but landed the cleaner strikes and again got 2 mins of control time. 2 judges had it 2-1 for Cannonier going into round 4.

Round 4: A minute in Imavov wobbled Cannonier with a punch that made him stumble to the cage. Cannonier never got knocked down in the flurry and was starting to recover, get his wits back and landed a right hand of his own. After Cannonier landed, Imavov landed 2 punches while he was retreating with his guard up and the ref stepped in & prematurely stopped the fight in one of the worst early stoppages we’ve seen in recent memory. An Imavov win was looking likely but Cannonier & the fans were robbed of a real conclusion to the fight.


Thoughts on the bet:

At +109 I don’t regret the bet. Cannonier wasn’t at the level of his last fight but still looked good before being hurt and did what I wanted him to do which was pressure Imavov to slow him down & take over late, but Imavov showed improved cardio from previous fights. Cannonier was up 2-1 on 2 judges cards going into the 4th then got hurt by Imavov who going into this fight only had 2 finishes out of 8 UFC fights against lower level competition. The ref’s early stoppage was Cannonier’s first ever loss by finish at middleweight despite the elite competition he has faced. Early stoppages aren’t my favorite way to lose a bet but these things do happen and tend to balance out in the long run.


Updated MMA Betting Record:

+260.11 units profit

+12.01% ROI


3 cards left go in June and we go again Saturday.