UFC 302 Betting Recap

Third-party tracked betting recap for UFC 302, June 1st 2024.



-2u loss




I went with Almeida’s high level kickboxing experience over Kopylov’s MMA experience and it didn’t work out. Kopylov won the first round hurting Almeida, then Almeida came back to win round 2 with damage and body work that looked to be getting to Kopylov. It was 1-1 going into round 3 then Kopylov smartly switched to a grappling gameplan and got a takedown. Almeida couldn’t get up, choosing to hold on and try to force a ref stand up for inactivity which never came.

Almeida showed good enough get ups against a wrestler in his last fight for me to trust him to stay on the feet against a kickboxer in Kopylov who only attempted 1 takedown in his last 5 fights, but in this fight Kopylov showed a new wrinkle to his game after some trouble on the feet and Almeida’s defensive grappling and lack of get ups without the cage to wall walk was ultimately the difference. Beat the closing line by 40 cents but the wrong side in the end.

We’re still in great profit in 2024 and have 4 UFC cards to go in June, let’s get back in the win column on the next one and end Q2 strong.


Updated MMA Betting Record:

+261.11 units profit

+12.06% ROI

91.12% beat closing odds