UFC 287 Betting Recap


0-1 | -2u


Surprising outcome in this one. Would have liked to see the fight play out more and I thought we would get a cagey start before the fight started to warm up, but it immediately became a brawl from the opening bell with both guys trading in the pocket and landing hard shots. Font’s eye began to swell and I thought the tide would start to turn with Yanez damage accumulating, but Font landed the first real good shot on the button and Yanez’s chin didn’t hold up to it.

Yanez had never been finished and showed a great chin in the Grant fight while Font was coming off a ton of damage taken and being knocked down 5 times in his last 2 fights + Font couldn’t hurt Garbrandt, whose chin is completely shot, over 5 rounds which was why Font KO was +700 while Yanez KO was only +160. But with 4oz gloves sometimes all you need to land is one well placed shot in the right place and in hindsight the under at a better price may have been the more optimal position to take.

My only other position I was considering on this card was Waterson at +150 who lost a controversial split decision, so we dodged another bullet there.

6 UFC cards in the next 6 weeks to rebound from this small downswing. See you next Saturday for the Max Holloway vs Arnold Allen card.