UFC San Antonio Betting Recap

Hi everyone.

I used to send out a recap after every event, discussing what went well with winning bets and what went wrong with losing bets.

I will be bringing them back for every event moving forward as I think it’s helpful to get a better idea of what I was thinking with my reads, things I may have overlooked, what we can learn from losses and improve on etc.


1-0 | +1.11u

The Peterson fight went about as expected. I thought it’d go one of two ways, Alexander staying on the outside, being technical and picking at Peterson for 3 rounds or Peterson managing to get inside, make it ugly and grapple. Fortunately Alexander managed to stick to his gameplan as a Peterson sub was the only real worry I had for it ending inside the distance, though his sub threat was overrated on the betting line because of Brito’s SUB1 win over Alexander. Brito is an explosive fighter known for early finishes while Peterson is an unathletic grinder with 7/8 of his UFC fights going the distance.

Peterson’s compromised leg from kicks turned out to be the only risk of a finish but Peterson is a very tough journeyman and leg kick TKO’s are super rare, so the over at -135 turned out to be good value and I was happy with the bet.

We have the stacked UFC 287 Pereira vs Adesanya rematch PPV up next, let’s make it 3 winning events in a row and keep this streak alive for as long as possible! Cheers and enjoy the rest of your weekend.